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A Different Approach to Leadership Coaching

The traditional approach to personal development is to maintain your strengths and work on fixing your weaknesses. In contrast, I offer a strengths-based approach to personal development - focus on your strengths, and manage around your weaknesses.

Coaching Leaders

What is strengths-based leadership coaching? It's helping you recognize your natural talents and leverage what you already do best to achieve personal and professional success. Through Gallup's CliftonStrengths(R) assessment, we can discover your greatest areas of strength, and leverage those innate abilities to lead others more effectively and develop a strengths-based culture of exceptional performance.

Coaching Team Managers

This engagement begins with a CliftonStrengths(R) assessment for you and your team to help you better understand your own areas of strength, as well as your team's capabilities. I'll help you realize and harness the power of your team by combining talent themes for more effective execution, strategic thinking, influencing, and relationship building.

Team Workshops

The Best Of Us is a one-day Strengths-based team workshop designed to introduce strengths-based development principles, help team members understand their unique strengths within the context of others, help the team gain awareness and appreciation of the team's collective talents, and help team members begin to harness their individual and collective talents to increase effectiveness and deliver exceptional team performance.


Here's what past clients and peers have to say about the power of strengths-based coaching.

"My work with Stuart entered a new phase a couple days ago. Having worked with Stuart as a peer since 2011, I knew him as an outstanding technology strategist and team builder. I think he may have found his true calling in his role as coach.

In the first coaching session, he helped guide me to identify and use my top 5 strengths to resolve what promised to be a very sticky business situation. His supportive and encouraging style coaxed me to find the answer that might have been there all along but would have been lost to me if not for his help.

- Gordon Kuntz, Experience Happiness LLC

Chief Operating Officer

"I had the opportunity to work with Stuart while employed at Amerisource Bergen as as a Human Resources Manager. Stuart values Human Resources and often met with me to address business goals and objectives. I found him to be an outstanding leader with an uncanny ability to see through the "white noise" and address the core issues or concern. He has a real passion to help those around him succeed. Stuart is a person of great integrity. He is a great business partner.

- Gary Finney SPHR, University of North Texas System

Director, Human Resources

"Stuart is not only a great leader by role model, and a person who has the passion to coach and mentor. He doesn't look at someone's weakness as a flaw, but more so focusing on someone's strength and giving the person an opportunity to grow by nurturing their positive traits. He is an influencer and had taken time to conduct leadership management sessions to his leadership team. He will go above and beyond to help someone if he sees values and contributions the person can bring to the team or company.

- Daisy Koh PMP, Kigo, Inc

Program Manager

Meet Our Team

Stuart McMahan


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I've spent the past 18 years as a leader in a Fortune 11 company, building strong teams and delivering superior software products. I'm now using my experience as a corporate executive along with my extensive training in leadership development to inspire others to discover who they are, develop their areas of strength, and deliver results.

I'm a seasoned executive consultant dedicated to helping organizations and individuals achieve consistent, exceptional performance by inspiring them to:

  • Discover their talents, personal style and passion
  • Develop a plan to implement in the workplace
  • Deliver extraordinary results with competence, enthusiasm, and freedom
Gallup-certified Strengths Coach

As a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, I guide organizations and individuals to discover and optimize their innate abilities to find greater satisfaction and reward through their work. I also help clients understand their personal style - how they relate to others in the workplace to contribute to a cohesive team, and their passion – identifying their sense of purpose. Combining abilities, style and passion creates opportunities for individuals to provide a unique contribution in a meaningful place of service, and enjoy greater personal fulfillment.

As an accredited facilitator of Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team based on the best-selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, I help clients build stronger, more cohesive teams by better understanding the value of vulnerability-based trust, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability and collective results.

People who focus on using their strengths ...

are THREE TIMES as likely to report having an excellent quality of life

and are SIX TIMES as likely to be engaged in their jobs

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